Tuesday, May 26, 2015

OSRIC House Rule

Here is something I have been playing around with.

When casting spells with a Somatic component (S) and a casting time of 5 segments or more the caster can use their dexterity surprise modifier to reduce the time it takes to cast the spell.

So 15, 0 segments
16, 1 less segment
17, 2 less segments
18, 2 less segments
19, 3 less segments



JB said...

Doesn't the game already allow for this? Oh, wait...maybe not in OSRIC.

It's been a while since I've run AD&D (like, decades), and I don't have my DMG with me, but I'm pretty sure there are examples of DEX adjustment reducing casting time (not just for spells with somatic components, but all spells).

If not...well, I think the idea is fine. If you're using an edition that micro-manages combat in segments, things like casting time, weapon speed factor, and DEX reaction adjustment become VERY important, as every one of those things can give you an edge. When I did play AD&D, we used ALL of it...though I believe I remember switching to D10 rolls for initiative (to determine base segment for starting action).

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Typically when I play AD&D I like to use all the rules. Well...at least the ones I like. We did use weapon speeds and casting times all the time.