Friday, May 8, 2015

Kickstart Your Weekend: The Haunting of Oakcrest Manor

"No one is actually sure when the troubles at Oakcrest Manor began.  What is known that many years ago Lord Borgric and his wife Rebecca retired from a life of adventuring to settle down in the quite village of Nahm.  He built her a home where they could live their remaining years in comfort. He also built her a wing on the house where she could continue her life's calling of taking care of the sick and wounded.

We know they had a daughter, Imogene, who was as lovely as her mother, but had none of her warmth or compassion, and another daughter Marris, who sadly took more after her father in both looks and intelligence but was as warm-hearted as both her parents.
We know that many years after her parents death Imogene continued her mother's work, but sadly lacked her skill. 

We know from the grey beards that one night Marris ran from the house screaming, only to drop dead of fright. That screams came from the house that could be hear all through the village and nearby wood. We know Imogene never left the house and all inside were dead.

Now the house stands alone, unused, but never forgotten.  No one goes to the manor. No one that goes in ever comes back out.  Some even say that if you listen close you can hear the screams of the people inside and the cruel laughter of Imogene.

Everyone knows Oakcrest is haunted.  No one knows by what."

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