Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Night Videos: Garbage Edition

Welcome back to Friday Night Videos and tonight we celebrate the best of what happens when Wisconsin and Scotland get together. Garbage!

Garbage is like the penultimate 90s band really.  And perfect for the games I was planning and playing at the time.

I have mentioned before that by the mid 90s I was really burned out on D&D and wanted something new.  That new ended up being various World of Darkness games like Vampire and Mage, but most of all WitchCraft.   I made more than one witch that looked like Shirley Manson.

"I'm Only Happy When Rains" is exactly the sort of song that I had in mind when I was playing then.  Alternative, hard, and a great lead singer. From their debut self titled album.

"Stupid Girl" showed that this band was no one hit wonder.

"#1 Crush" appeared on the Romeo + Juliet Soundrack, but that is not where I know it best.  It would go on to later be the theme music to the British witchcraft serial "HƎX". I still consider it a "witch" song.

Garbage 2.0 was another breakthrough album for the band. Getting them quite a bit of critical acclaim and giving them their high chart topping songs in the UK.

"Push It" adds more electronica than their previous outings.  The video has a nice homage to Village of the Damned.

"I Think I'm Paranoid" is pretty much the theme song for any Mage game I have ever played.

What is better than hearing your favorite band?  Hearing your favorite band cover a great song.
"Because the Night" has been covered and recovered by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith (they wrote it), 10,000 Manics and Garbage with Screaming Females.  The song is a passionate ode not just to a love but to the night itself.  As a nyctophiliac myself, I can relate.

Next week I celebrate the White Witch herself.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I loved this post. Everything is relevant to me. I love this group since back in the day. Version 2.0 was played to death. I wore out the CD. I didn't even know that was possible. Their music makes me come up with the best videos you could imagine.

JohnnySako said...

Word to the Garbage.

Anthony Simeone said...

Shirley forever! I saw them live once in Philly and fell under her spell. As a friend of mine famously said, "she could just read to me from the phone book and I'd be happy forever."