Saturday, April 25, 2015

Zatannurday: Rise of the Vampires

Rise of the Vampires was mini-series/crossover event starting in March 2012 between the then new comics Justice League Dark and I, Vampire.

It was a minor success in my mind. Interesting story but didn't set the comic book world on fire at all.   It did have Zatanna and Constantine in it, so that was good for me.

It did however feature one of the reasons why there is a Justice League Dark, there are some threats out there that the regular Justice League just can't deal with.  In the first arc it was the Enchantress June Moone (played in the Suicide Squad Movie by model Cara Delevingne) going crazy.  This arc featured the rise of a vampires (natch) and their charismatic leader, Cain.  Yeah that Cain.  Same as in the Vampire the Masquerade books.

What I liked about the series was it had a beginning, middle and an end.  And at only six issues (3 for each title) it was a great size.

The story mostly takes place in Gotham, which is also always great. So we get to see Batman and the Bat Family.   But what bugged me was that the main cast ultimately didn't do anything.  I won't get into details about it here (spoilers) but it gave me a lot of ideas.

I have often wanted to bring in Dracula as a big bad in a Supers game.  And frankly I love the DC universe so that is an easy choice.  Dracula has always had such a great presence in the Marvel Universe that I feel he should have the same in the DC Universe.

David Baymiller has been stating up the various supernatural/horror monsters for D6 including Dracula, that it all seems to come together well with something else I have been working on.

So it would be better to use Dracula than Cain because, lets be honest, Dracula is way cooler.

Hopefully I will have something for you all soon.


Sangita Kalarickal said...

Visiting from A to Z.
I went back and read your other posts, loved your blog a lot!
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Arlee Bird said...

That burning city artwork is pretty cool. Actually all the artwork is, but the city is like freaky.

Arlee Bird
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