Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Night Videos: More Vampire Songs

Welcome back to Friday Night Videos as we continue the Vampire theme for Vampire Month here at the Other Side.

These songs are ones we used in our games for the few times I used music.  I do sometimes like to set a tone with some music before playing, especially when I am doing horror.

Back in the day I wrote an adventure for my group called "Ravenloft III: The Necropolis".  Yeah, it was not originally named, but some of the things in the adventure later appeared in other adventures and games including what would later become the biggest "vampire game" in my life: Buffy.

The Who's Behind Blue Eyes was the "theme song" for the main anti-hero of the tale. A vampire that you were supposed to feel sorry for and help.

Queen has cemented their legacy as one of the best rock bands ever. But there was a time when this was not the case. Undaunted Freddie and crew still took risks with this song, "Who Wants to Live Forever", from the album A Kind of Magic which also served as the soundtrack to the movie Highlander. Of course a different kind of immortal was featured in the movie, but the song works for either. If you have not listened to this album I suggest you do so.

Yes it is cheese pure and simple, but Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell is one of the very, very few albums I can play D&D too.  In fact my Freshman year in college I ran Ravenloft I6 while playing this album.
Also Meatloaf should get special mention here since the video for Bat Out of Hell premiered on Friday Night Videos before it did on MTV.

Not much else on this album is D&D-ish or even Vampire-ish, but this song still has a special place in my black heart.

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