Saturday, February 21, 2015

Zatannurday: Videos

Been on YouTube a lot lately; listening to music, watching a lot of videos of a lot of topics. It's been fun.

I found a few Zatanna videos out there. If you need some more information on the character then these are worth a watch.  Yeah some are a bit annoying, but hey you get what you pay for.

First up is a nice history of Zee from ItsSuperEffective.

Next is a topic that gets a lot of coverage. Well it does if you are me.
Who would win in a fight, Zatanna or Scarlet Witch?  ComicBookCast2 asks.

I loved seeing all the various Zatanna's on the Animated DC universes.  Here is a nice little guide to all her voice actresses.

I never watched Smallville, save for a couple of episodes, but here is Zee's introduction on that show.

There are some more. But this is a good batch.

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