Friday, February 6, 2015

Seventh Son Movie, or as I call it "The Mother Malkin Movie"

New movie out tonight that I have been waiting a while for.

 Seventh Son stars Julianne Moore as the witch Mother Malkin.

Oh. I suppose there are other characters in it too. And they are supposed to be the "heroes" or something...but seriously casting Julianne Moore as a witch? She has to be the star of this movie right?

Ok, all kidding aside.  Seventh Son is based on the book The Last Apprentice (Revenge of the Witch) by Joseph Delaney.  I read it last month for my Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge.

From the trailers the movie is going to part from the book in a number of ways.  From the reviews I have peeked at it looks like it is getting panned.  But I am still going to watch it.

Plus it has Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore together again; the first time since the Big Lebowski.
I do have to say that casting Jeff Bridges in the roll of the Spook is spot on.  Pretty much exactly who I would have picked too.

So kinda getting panned. Deviates from a good book.  


Cross Planes said...

When I first heard of this (before seeing the trailer), I thought this might be Card's Alvin Maker series. Julianna Moore is SO hot.

Pearson Report said...

Yup, JM is totally hot - she gets hotter with each movie role.

Plus, I like Jeff Bridges. For some reason I don't remember the Big Lebowski. I'm sure I saw it, but now that I'm in midlife menopausal meltdown mode nothing stick in my gray matter like it used to. Damn!

Cheers, Jenny

Dr. Theda said...

Not familiar with Mother Malkin....
.. we looked up... ran a boarding house for women and their infants... all of whose bodies were found , drained of blood....
Legend ... fact... or fictional character...???