Wednesday, February 18, 2015

White Dwarf Wednesday: Games Workshop History

I know, sort of a cheesy way to use my supposed retired weekly feature.  But a couple of things came up in the past week to make it seem worthwhile.

First up is Part 1 of a History of Games Workshop. It also covers the same time I spent discussing White Dwarf here.  From Unplugged Games.

Honestly it is a fascinating read and gave me some insight to what I was reading "between the lines" in White Dwarf.

Ian and Steve
The map of Ian Livinstone's first dungeon just begs to be used somewhere.

There is some great anecdotes here too. For example they had a bigger issue with the cover of White Dwarf #44 than I did.

And then from ENWorld, a posting about how the first ever Games Workshop store is now going to be demolished.

Opening day in 1978
And today
While Games Workshop went into new directions around the end of my reviews, I still enjoy all the fun and wonder those early days gave me.

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Pearson Report said...

Hey Tim, great post. I went over, via the link, to Unplugged - what a great story.

Way back in the early eighties my ex was into table top games - war games, reenacting Civil American wars etc… I'd help with the painting of his troops.

It was fascinating. Life got in the way… and now, when I read post about gaming it brings back those early memories.

Thanks for sharing this trip down gaming memory lane.

Cheers, Jenny