Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Owl & Weasel Wednesday #13 February 1976

Owl & Weasel Wednesday #13 comes to us from February 1976. In a nice coming together of my hobby and that of my younger brother.  The 1976 National Scrabble Championship is mentioned with instructions of how to enter.  My brother is a huge Scrabble geek so he might find this one interesting.

Over on the Editorial page they celebrate 1 year of the Owl & Weasel.  They mention a few of the places you can now get O&W and call out one hobby store that doesn't carry them.   They also talk about NOT wanting to go bi-monthly (as White Dwarf will do in the future) asking for more letters and submissions.   "SF/F" (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) games are the big rage now.  They will continue to use this term well into their White Dwarf days till eventually being replaced by the more common RPG.

Page 3 gives us a review of Cartel the American Stock Market Game.  I remember this game and I think I have seen it at previous game auctions.  Other games discussed are Top Rat and Rail Way Rivals.

The British International Toy Fair in Brighton is covered.  I looked for games that a.) might have survived to today and b.) any indication of the coming RPG and Video game booms.  But really nothing.

Page 10 features a great little "coupon" for The D&D Society.  Send in your name, address and whether or not you have designed your own dungeons to the O&W and they will send you 10 character sheets! That's a bargain at any price.

Page 11 gives us a handy index to games covered and what issues they appeared in.  Dungeons and Dragons is covered in issues 5 through 12.

Back cover has items for sale including a Games Workshop sweatshirt.  Either Medium or Large and the the prince is only £3.25.

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