Friday, October 10, 2014

October Movie Challenge: Dracula Untold (2014)

It's nice to see a movie in the theaters for the challenge every so often.
Dracula Untold is the "untold" story of how Vlad Dracula Tepes became a vampire.

I am not going to say a lot on this to be honest.  I don't want to spoil anyone.  But I will say there is more "300" and "Lord of the Rings" in this than in Bram Stoker's classic.

Still, it was a very fun movie and I am looking forward to talking about more soon.

We took the kids to see it and they really enjoyed it.  Now I will need to have them watch one of the classic Dracula movies.

I'll pick this up on BluRay.

Tally so far:  12 Total Watched / 11 New

What do you find scary?
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Arlee Bird said...

I won't be seeing this in the theater since I never go to theaters anymore, but I look forward to seeing it on DVD. I like the slant they've put on the story.

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