Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Movie Challenge: Count Yorga (1970)

Count Yorga aka The Loves of Count Iorga was something on my list forever but for some reason just never got to it.

It is a 70s retelling of the Dracula story set in America.  Pretty straight-forward really. There are some twists though.  Yorga's ability to hypnotize is played up more.  And of course since this is the 70s there is more of an occult connection.

I thought I had watched this one a long time ago, but now I am not so sure.  The ending is not at all what I remembered.  So I think I am going to need to watch the Return of Count Yorga as well.

There was not as much sex as I suspected, but I also think the version I watched was an edited one.

Count Yorga does make a dashing vampire and there was a great 70s vibe to it.

I am going to call this one new even though I would have sworn I had seen before.  I am going to wait till after I watch the Return of Count Yorga first.

Tally so far:  9 Total Watched / 8 New

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