Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Movie Challenge: Lost Boys (1987)

Lets start this one off with a modern classic.
Lost Boys

I watched this one with my youngest and he loved it.  There is so much here that pretty much all modern interpretations of vampires have used.  True Blood, Buffy, Vampire$, even on to Underworld.  Though not Twilight.  Hell. There would be no Buffy without the Lost Boys.  Though I am sure there would have been no Lost Boys with out Anne Rice.  And...there is a lot of the Goonies in this, but still this is one classic movie.

I remember seeing this in the theaters back when it came out and I was expecting nothing.  Wow was I mistaken.   I pretty much turned around and saw it again.

Yeah there are some issues with how they handle vampire lore, but that scene where the David and the Lost Boys are hanging like bats in their coffin/cave.  That was pretty cool.

And lets not forget about that soundtrack.

It was pretty much a huge influence on me at the time and it came right when I had discovered Anne Rice after moving away a bit from Lovecraft.
So yeah I was a huge fan.

I wore the hell out of that black trenchcoat

Watching it again over 25 years later I noticed the movie had lost none of it's charm and even the parts I disliked I know looked on with amusement.  No one sparkled and the witty "current" language was kept to a minimum.

Normally I like to kick things of with something new, but this was a great way to start.

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What do you find scary?
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Kal said...

This one just ramped up all the things that make a vampire movie fun. Teen vampires were also rare and Kiefer really chewed the scenery in every bit he does. The kids are funny and the terror is real. Great special effects. A few nice twists and vampire deaths and a happy ending. They don't make 'em like this anymore. First time I learned that you NEVER invite a vampire into your home. Who saw THAT twist coming. I look forward to more of these reviews.

Dennis Laffey said...

Classic! I love this movie, especially for the grandfather. Nice way to start the month's viewing.

Adam Lane said...

Near Dark came out around the same time as lost boys as well. Both great movies

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I loved Near Dark.