Monday, January 20, 2014

Hero Forge

Have you seen this new Kickstarter?

Hero Forge is new application of the character builder idea.  Like in most character builders you design your character based on some built in elements and print it out.  With this one the printer is a high quality 3D printer and your output is a miniature for your game.

Personally I think this a fantastic.  At work we have been wanting a 3D printer, just kind find a good reason to buy one.  We call it a solution looking for a problem.  Well here is the problem!

The cool thing is if you configure a 28mm mini you like you can scale it up to 3" and 6".

Here are a couple of other sites to help explain.

They blew past their funding goal in 72hours and are going great.
So they don't really need my money, but this looks so nice.

I already have some minis I really love, and I can't paint to save my life.  But this still looks really awesome.

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Rachel Ghoul said...

At this point any game shop with any sense should be investing in a 3D printer.