Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Come Endless Darkness,Part 2

So yesterday I posted this great idea I had for adventures for my kids for their 1st Ed game.
I *thought* I had a cool original-ish idea.  Well...not so much.

It was pointed out to me (thanks Sciamantis!) that this was already done in a series of 2nd Ed adventures.

I must have had some knowledge of these, at least in a broad sense.  I don't own them and they date from my D&D hiatus of the late 90s.  They are written by +Bruce R Cordell, so that gives me confidence but otherwise I know very little about them.  Anyone have any experience or knowledge of these?  I'd like to know more about them before I start cruising  Half-Price Books and eBay for them.  They are not up on DnDClassics.com yet.

That also brings up a larger issue.  I am using modules in my game here to give my kids a shared experience with other gamers.  B2 is a rite of passage, the GDQ series is equally iconic.  These are things they can talk about with others.  Hell I don't even need to describe them, I can just say B2 or GDQ. 
But these other adventures are not the same are they?  They might be great, they might even be perfect for me, but if I didn't even recall them then how much of a shared experience can they get?

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Brandonshire said...

I haven't run them or played in them, but I do own them and hope to run them (modified a bit, but what DM doesn't modify adventures to fit their own tastes?) some day. They certainly do give you an "epic" campaign arc. Especially if you like the idea a bit of sci-fi mixed in. I think they look like they'd be a lot of fun personally. They aren't super well known so they might not provide too much of that "shared narrative" you mention but they look like solid adventures to me and like they'd be a ton of fun.