Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 4: Favorite Game World

Day 4: Favorite Game World

Mine is a tie.  My first and nearest to my heart was "The Known World" later called Mystara. But I quickly adopted Greyhawk.  So when I ran games it was Mystara, but playing it was Greyhawk.  Around 1986 or so my then DM and I decided to merge our worlds.  We called "Oerth 3", not very original I know.
Many years later I discovered this map by Chatdemon based on an idea by James Mishler.  It was exactly what I was trying to do.  Plus this map was so much better than mine.

So my favorite game world of all time is Mystoerth!


Doctor Futurity said...

Neat idea, I'd never heard of a Oerth/Mystara blend before!

Martin R. Thomas said...

I remember reading about this mash-up when I first discovered your blog a couple years ago and went through a bunch of your older posts. Sounds like a really cool idea.

I put just straight-up Mystara. It always seemed more exotic and magical to me than Greyhawk. This might sound weird but Greyhawk always seemed a bit "standard" to me. I think it has to do with Gary's wargaming background, so when you read the country write-ups in the old Greyhawk boxed set, instead of getting cool ideas to inspire you to adventure in that particular country, you get "the Kettites field a strong force of pikes and crossbows along with with horse archers and medium lancers."