Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 5: Favorite Set of dice/individual die

Day 5: Favorite Set of dice/individual die

Unlike many players it seems I am not superstitious about dice.  My current favorite is the ones that I have at the table, 'cause anytime I am rolling dice is a good day.

I do have a few that have special meaning to me.  I have a blue d20 the my oldest son gave me and a steampunk d6 my youngest gave me.  They are favorites cause of who gave them to me.
I also have a clock-face d12 that use for Doctor Who (replacing the 2d6).

My kids' favorite is the d20 of mine that I got mad at and tossed behind our books cases.  They laugh cause it always seemed to roll 1s and no one will ever seeing again until those bookcases are torn out.


Unknown said...

I've noticed many people like the dice that came with game they liked.

Martin R. Thomas said...

I also don't have the superstitious dice thing. I posted that my "favorite" was probably just the set that came with my Moldvay Basic set back in the day, but I don't use them any more and haven't for 20+ years.