Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I learned D&D from a badly xeroxed copy of Holmes basic.  I later cut my teeth on The Basic book by Moldvay and the Expert book by Cook.  When the BECMI (not the B/X) sets came out, I ignored them.

Well now these books are hitting DriveThruRPG and DnDClassics and I for one am thrilled.

I know that when I say "Red Box D&D": it is the Mentzer set that most people think of.  This one the one that introduced so many to the game.  The dragon cover is iconic, so iconic in fact it has been used to sell the 4th ed of the game and the style was also used for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon boxed set.  It gave us Aleena and Bargle, though I was always more partial to Morgan Ironwolf and Black Dougal.

I did pick up a near mint copy of the Red Box rules.  It still had dice in the plastic bag.  I got it signed by Frank Mentzer a couple of Gen Cons back, great guy. Really happy to sign the book. It is a piece of D&D history that I had missed out on.

But that is now changing.
Today the Red Box was released to DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and DnDClassics.

Player's Manual: 

DM's Rulebook:

To celebrate the 30th Anniversay of the Red Box DnDClassics is offering a code to get the B series of adventures at 50% off.

Additionally we have seen the release of the fantastic D&D Rules Cyclopedia.  Which might be the best version of D&D ever.  And the release of the Creature Catalog for BECMI.

For me getting these books is like rediscovering the game that I loved.  There are little bits here and there that I have never read before. The game is the same, but the feelings are new.

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