Monday, July 8, 2013

Gygax Magazine?

Gygaz Magazine was released to much pomp and circumstance this past winter.  The idea was to capture the feeling and joy of the Dragon magazines of old and it did this. For one issue.

I was/am a yearly subscriber but yet I have no idea really when Issue #2 will arrive.  This is despite the communications on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The main trouble here is trying to release a new print magazine in this day and age.  Most print magazines are failing and some, like Newsweek and Dragon, have gone over to all digital format.

Gamers can be be obstinate to the point of pig-headedness (and old school gamers even more so) when it comes to print, but sometimes economic reality is, well, reality.

It's not as if the content of the magazine doesn't have value, sales of the print and pdf versions can attest to that.  Is the value worth more than the cost to print, sell and ship.  One issue I have heard coming up is the rise of shipping costs which I am sure is the killer for most magazines.

I hope things get worked out for Gygax.  I'd like to see it succeed.


Stelios V. Perdios said...

I've read that issue #2 supposed to come out July 31st

Now as to whether or not that'll actually happen, it remains to be seen. But at least the editors are giving updates on their FB page, instead of, say, going silent like a really late Kickstarter.

So I see that as a good sign.

Tim Snider said...

This letter went out to subscribers:


I know you've been looking forward to hearing when our next issues are coming out, so here's the news.
Issue 1 was our pilot issue, a chance for us to get processes in place and work out the kinks that come with a new magazine.

From issue 2 on out, we'll be on a regular 3-month schedule. Here it is:

Issue 2 - Wednesday, July 31
Issue 3 - Wednesday, October 30
Issue 4 - Wednesday, January 29
Issue 5 - Wednesday, April 30

(Those are the dates that the magazine will be arriving for you as a subscriber, as close as we can estimate. The printer mails them about a week earlier. Distributors get the magazines on that day, so it will take a little bit to get onto store shelves)


The letter goes on to say that initial subscribers will get an additional issue added to their sub by way of apology for the delays.

Tenkar said...

I was unimpressed with the first issue's content.

not willing to subscribe until I see some further issues.

that being said, I have hope for improvement ;)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Tim, that is good news. Looking forward to issue #2!

Anonymous said...

Postage is the killer for print magazines. The publisher of Fighting Fantazine wants to break into the print market, but I reckon the realities of economics may just stop it happening for any more than just an issue or two:

When a magazine ends up costing the same as a gaming supplement, I reckon the potential customer base starts shrinking.

Unknown said...

I'm waiting patiently for issue 2, once my subscription ends, I've been told they won't do any more international shipping. Will I buy it at my LGS? Depends on the content I see.

Unknown said...

The publisher of fighting Fantazine likes to break into the publish market. I was unimpressed with the Issue:4 content.

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