Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kickstarters go to Space!

Two new(ish) Kickstarters head out to Space with the Ubiquity System.  The same found in Hollow Earth Expedition and Leagues of Adventure.

First up is Revelation of Mars

I didn't get on this one fast enough but it looks AWESOME.  I love the John Carter of Mars stories and I loved Pelucidar.  I am hoping that these games combine nicely (they should).  And honestly have a look at this Green Martian Princess.

Martian Princess by Will Nichols
Not exactly Edgar Rice Burroughs idea of a Green Martian, but I say this is an improvement.

Next is Space: 1899

I mentioned this one before.  But it looks really, really awesome.


Trey said...

The princess's extra arms seem a bit undersized, but it's a minor complaint. ;)

Anthony Simeone said...

About those extra arms...where the heck are they attached to her body?! They look like someone is hiding behind her in order to pretend that she has four arms. Not the best illustration I've ever seen of a four-armed being...

Dennis Laffey said...

Eh. Not enough tusk.