Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pacific Rim True20

Ok I am totally getting geeked out over Pacific Rim.  I have loved giant monster movies since I was a little kid.  And unlike some movies, the more I hear about this one the more excited I am to see it.  So are my kids.  Let's be honest that scene in the trailer where the Jaeger beats the Kaiju over the head with a boat? Damn.

This got me thinking about the True20 campaign setting Mecha vs. Kaiju.

It's pretty much Pacific Rim, only done 5 years ago (5 years? holy crap).

Giant mechs aka Jaegers and the pilots vs. Kaiju in True20s simple system.
Anyone that has been a longtime reader here knows of my love of True20.  I would love to see True20 make a comeback, but I am not holding my breath on that one.

On the other hand there is nothing in MvK that could not be adapted for Mutants & Masterminds easily.

I might have to give it a go after this weekend.


BlUsKrEEm said...

I'm a kaiju nerd, and MvK is one of my favorite games out there. it's so far the only system I've seen that can handle dikaiju and human level action well (although Chris Field's Sentia Spectacular does a fine job as well.)It is a perfect fit for everything we know about Pacific Rim, I'm glad I'm not the only one that made that leap.

It suprises me how little there is in the way of Daikaju Eiga RPG's out there. I'm a bit biased but to me the genera is the perfect blend of modern science-fantasy. Fantastic monsters, aliens, cults, Mechs, psychic powers, magic, cyborgs; the genera has it all. Why has no one jumped on this yet?

I've been tinkering on some notes for a Pacestter based homebrew since I got on the Majus Kickstarter, but I haven't had any luck pitching it to my gaming group yet. It'll probably sit next to my half done ORCS Cyberpunk, my 3/4 done Genepunk Labyrinth Lord setting, and my 7/8th done OSR Pleistocene game that will continue to haunt me until I get initiative or some one else does the work for me (not likely to happen it seems.)

Rachel Ghoul said...

I'm pretty excited for that movie but every time I see it I'm like "God freaking dammit, Guillermo, why can't this just be a live action Evangelion?"

Valerie said...

I seriously cannot wait for this movie. At first I was all meh about it. But the last trailer looks amazing!