Thursday, July 18, 2013

Victorian Age Goodness

There are some great Victorian age products for your enjoyment.  I would say "new" but they are really new editions of old favorites.

Also, as much as I would love to provide full reviews for these games, I feel it is a conflict of interest since I am working on a book for Gaslight and I consider all the guys on the Victoriana line to be friends.  So instead of real reviews, I'll mention what I like about them both.

Victoriana 3rd Edition
From Cubicle 7, this updates the 2nd edition version of the game.  Using the same system from what I can tell, this version has been edited and cleaned up for greater clarity.  Some of the alt-history has been fixed as well.  Normally I don't care for alt-history games, but in Vic's case I can't fault them.
Victoriana is the one game I always try to play at Gen Con and I am going to miss playing it this year with the new edition.  I will have to get the hard cover next year.
When asked how to describe Vic the best analogy has always been Steampunk Shadowrun.  This new edition really emphasizes the steampunk and gearpunk.
The art has been greatly updated and looks a lot better, but I have to admit I miss the authentic photos.

Gaslight Victorian Fantasy 2nd Edition
Gaslight comes in both OGL and Savage World flavors. This is the new 2nd edition of the OGL edition.  It is a great resource for your existing d20/OGL game or as game you already know how to play.
At nearly 400 pages it is also a great resource for all sorts of Victorian Age games. This one take place in the later Victorian age and nicely covers the time right after Victoriana.

There is also the new Space: 1899 Kickstarter from former C7 designer Angus Abranson.
It is going to use the Ubiquity system, which is the same as Hollow Earth and Leagues of Adventure, so your pulpy, steampunky, alt-Victorian fun will be complete.

All three are great fun and I can't have to have them in hardcover to add to my collection.

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