Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slight Rant: Answer your D@#% email

Sorry slight rant here.

Publishers: It is common courtesy that if you get an honest inquiry about one of your products you answer or at least acknowledge the email.

The end result is I don't buy your product.  And some of you are small enough that you can't afford to ignore your customer base.

Not naming names, but seriously. Customer support.

I have sent out emails to four different companies over the last week or so. Heard nothing back from any of them. One I can forgive, the others? Well to be honest they don't have enough business to be too busy to ignore potential customers.

If we have learned anything from the various Kickstarter non-starters then it is keep in communication with your potential and actual customers.  This business is too small to ignore people.

Rant over.


burnedfx said...

I understand your frustration.

While you are not trying to sell me anything, I sent you an email back in November. I actually forgot about it, until I read your entry this morning.

In my email, I didn't ask any questions, it was just a late (positive) response to your post entitled, "This is the story of how we died."

In short, I liked it. I agreed with some of your thoughts about old-school modules, specifically that "shared community experience."

It was hardly an important email, but I never received a reply.

The event and lack of response on your part was obviously filed away in my brain.

I make the above remarks with no chip on my shoulder nor am I hear to foolishly claim this is karma in action.

I will say, yes, at the very least, the four people should acknowledge you emailed them.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Lol. I am going to have to go back and I try to find that.

burnedfx said...


Anonymous said...

It's not just answering emails. Too many of our hobby publishers when they drop the ball go suddenly silent on the forums and blogs, despite still having an online presence. It's almost as if they think being silent in the face of growing criticism will make the problem go away. All it does is increase bad feeling and drive away future custom.