Saturday, December 15, 2012

Zatannurday: *Other* Costume Choices

So Zatanna, as many comic book heroes has a distinctive costume.  Her's also happens to double up as her stage costume.  That doesn't mean though she is immune to mixing it up a bit.

Course some of her choices have been odd, bizarre and others downright ridiculous. The most interesting thing about her latest costume is that it is mostly normal looking.

Well leave it to the fans to make changes they think need to be done.  Here are some new costume designs I ran across recently.

Reittuls Emutsoc by *inspector97 on deviantART

Sorceress Zatanna by *inspector97 on deviantART

Zatanna Circus Style by *TorqueArtStudio on deviantART

Zatanna says Hi by powerbook125 by ~talha122 on deviantART
Changed her fishnets here.

zatanna by ~edgarlll on deviantART
and here.

Zatanna Zatanna By Duss005 by ~talha122 on deviantART
No fishnets here.

All Those Zatanna's by =penguincoco on deviantART
I like this one, all the different animated Zatanna costumes.

Zatanna 2 by ~FrozenSceptre on deviantART
Something of a cross between her JLD outfit and her classic one.

Zatanna by ~melodramaticmelon on deviantART

ZATANNA original art by RODEL MARTIN by ~rodelsm21 on deviantART

Zatanna by *Szajnie on deviantART
First time I have seen her in some pink.

And one more

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