Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the end of the world as...

well. you get the idea.

So the end of the world. Again. No pole shift. No, whatever it was the Mayans said was going to happen.  Of course, if I am wrong we will all be dead by the time you read this so I am safe in calling bullshit once again.

Ok lets get on to some better stuff.  Like end of the world in games!  I could spend a lot time discussing all sorts of great Post-Apoc games but really I only want to talk about one.

Gamma World.

A while back I mentioned that despite by ridiculous fondness for Mutant Future, I never owned a copy of Gamma World. Ever.  Well Justin Davis over at the great A Field Guide to Doomsday heard my tale of woe and he sent me one of his extra copies!

It's only the book, and it has some water damage and shelf wear. Plus there is a 50 cent garage sale sticker on it...and it is absolutely PERFECT!

I have read Gamma World before.  Friends have had copies and I have always meant to go out to get one but never did.

I am surprised how much I enjoyed reading this.  This really was like finding some long lost artifact of a different age.
A couple of things I noted right away.
- This really made me appreciate Mutant Future so much more.  So Justin, if your goal was to get me interested in MF more, then you succeeded!
- I can't help but think that the table of Random Mutations is perfect for a random demon generator for the OSR crowd.

So I want to thank Justin for my early Christmas gift! 

I always feel a bit awkward when I get stuff.  I appreciate it and love the books, esp. if it is something I have been searching for for years.  But I also don't want to come over as begging for stuff.
So I think I'll pay it forward.  I have some extras of books laying around, next time I see someone in our little group here saying they need one of them they might just get a package in the mail!


Anthony Simeone said...

Not so fast, the day isn't over until midnight. Who said things would "shift" early in the day?!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Isn't already the end of the day in New Zealand?

Spanj said...

Logically we're not safe until every timezone has moved to the 22nd.

Tim Knight said...

To be fair to the Mayans I get the impression they didn't actually say the world would end, just that it would move into a "new age" or something.

The general consensus over here is that it was due to go down at 11:11 GMT... which came and went without anyone noticing The Matrix had been turned on and we're all now human batteries for the Great Machine Intelligence.

Justin S. Davis said...

I'm overjoyed it went to a loving home. As the sticker shows you, that was the best 50 cents I ever spent in my life.

And Mutant Future is indeed a gem. Gamma World got less Gamma World-y as the editions marched on, and MF got things back to their funky roots, imho.

Merry Apocalypse!!!