Thursday, December 6, 2012

Amazing Adventures: Day of the Worm

Amazing Adventures: Day of the Worm

It was can only be called expert timing, the first adventure for Amazing Adventures comes out the same week I am dedicating a week to playing around with and reviewing AA.  Seriously, I had no idea that they were going to do this and I also had nothing for AA planned for today thanks to work.

From the Core Rules book author, Jason Vey, this adventure is a delightful little romp with everything you would expect in an Pulp Adventure.  Or at least everything I expect; square jawed heroes, Nazis, secret cults, ancient forgotten beings, exotic locales in far away lands (Egypt no less!), a femme fatale, and a mysterious treasure.  Really what more could you want?

The 4 Act Adventure process detailed in the core book is brought to life here with plenty of guideline on how to alter it to suit your's or your player's needs.  It is also a good guide on how to create your own adventures.

14 total pages, 12+2 covers.

What Troll Lords REALLY needs to do is make an Amazing Adventures Box set.  Rule book, this adventure (maybe one more), dice, a map of the world circa 1938 or so and a bunch of character sheets that look like passports.  THAT would be an awesome set.

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