Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zatannurday: MachSabre Superwomen

One of my favorite artists is MachSabre, aka David Reynolds.

Long time readers here might recognize the name or at least his art.  David was one of the two Davids of the ShadowGirls fame and I have featured his art here many times.  I am doing that again today. Mostly because I like his art and Dave loves Supergirls.

So to celebrate the announcement that David is part of a new comic, Shadow of the Black Banshee, here are some of my favorite pieces, featuring of course Zatanna.

Zatanna by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Raven by ~MachSabre on deviantART

The Scarlet Witch by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Ms. Marvel vs. Power Girl by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Hawkgirl by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Kim Possible 02 by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Last Daughter of Atlantis by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Starfire by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Wonder Woman by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Wonder Spin by ~MachSabre on deviantART

This one of all the Batgirls was my desktop bitmap forever.

Chiropteras by ~MachSabre on deviantART

And of course you have all seen this one,

Commission - Tara and Willow by ~MachSabre on deviantART

But imagine my surprise when I found this one!

Willow and Tara Cuddling by =AstronSoul on deviantART

AstronSoul is just another fan like me that had D Rey make this.  I think it is cool.

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