Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art of "The Witch"

The Witch is done editing and now layout and art.

I have a bunch of art I have been buying over the last couple of years for this. So now comes the process of picking out images.

I have a few I really love and have meaning to me.
Note: All the art I am posting today belongs to me.  The artist holds the copyrights (it is still theirs) but I own the publication rights.  So these are not considered OPEN under the OGL or Fair Use.

Here are two that were done for me by my brother Daniel.   A Druther and a Halfling Witch.

Plus a magical Distaff,

These are from a former student of mine, Aitor Gonzalez. Two witches.

I am using some old Public Domain witch art to give is a period feel and some art from Larry Elmore.  
I make no apologies for that, I have always wanted to have a witch book out with Elmore art in it. 

There is a different set that will appear in Eldritch Witchery.

So looking forward to getting this out to you all!

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Tim Knight said...

Very nice. Looking forward to seeing the finished Witch book.