Sunday, September 16, 2012

What is going on at White Dwarf?

If you come here for my White Dwarf Wednesdays you know I am a big fan of early (pre #100) of White Dwarf.

While I was not a fan of WD after it became devoted only Warhammer I didn't fault it because that was the trend for magazines at the time.

I might be stuck still in the 80s but White Dwarf did move on, in fact there was a recent posting about how we are going to be getting a new and improved WD magazine,

But it also looks like Games Workshop is having troubles with some of the older issues.  Namely being able to prove what they may or may not own.

A post over at Pork's Expanse explains it better:
As does Russ Nicholson himself,

I really enjoyed Russ' art in WD's golden age, and I hope he can get this all sorted out.  

This and the latest Kickstarter-based-project drama though shows me one thing:
I don't have a clue about what drama is going in the various gaming blogs.  

Well, unless I start it of course.   I don't think I am being particular obtuse and I do read all the same things everyone else is (I assume).   I mean I am not reading message boards hardly anymore (ha! see what I did there) and my Google+ participation is not as high as it could be.
I'll see some good posts and think to myself, "that is a good post, but what the hell are you talking about?"

Maybe it is the nature of blogs.  We sometimes feel that everyone is reading the exact same things we are because they are reading at least some of the same things we are.

Random thoughts on a Sunday.


Simon said...

I teach UK Copyright & Contract law, I submitted to White Dwarf in the mid-90s issues and saw their contributors contract, so I have an unusually good idea what they own: not much! Their contract only asked for a single-reprint license, with contributors retaining copyright. So I doubt they own any copyrights in non-employee work until some time after that point.

thesethingsthatiwrite said...

I'm new to the gaming blogs, my own being barely three months old, but you're right about the idea of shared reading. Sometimes it works like that, but others I wander into an argument that looks like it's half way done with, and I just don't have the time to back click all the links and catch up.

Porky said...

Thanks for the link, Tim, and for helping bring things together. We certainly work in interesting times.