Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zatannurday: Strikes-Twice Cosplay

Back in the start of June I posted some random Zatanna Cosplayers.  One that really got my attention was Strikes-Twice on Deviant art.
I loved her style and thought she made a great Zatanna.

She tells us on her DeviantArt site that loves Zatanna and she is her favorite "DC Chick".  I can't disagree.
So here are some of her pics.  Please enjoy!

AH! Zatanna by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

Party time, tnellecxe! by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

Deviant ID 1.0 by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

Showstopper! Zatanna and Catwoman by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

Spellaholic. by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

Z VS. H by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

Cats and Wands by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

OOH MR. BATMAN OOH by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

So stop by her page to see more and say hi!

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Bubbashelby said...

Whoah! She is extraordinary! Llaf ni evol!!!