Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zatannurday: More Cosplay

Here are some more Zatanna cosplayers.

A photo by Brian Carter

by Duderama (I believe this is Cosplayer "Gillian", but not for sure).

One by Yumstein featuring both Zee and WW

A recent one posted to Toyriffic, Zee and Harley!

Comicpalooza Zatanna by Nadya Anton
(from Justice League Detroit)

And a couple from a favorite here at the Other Side, Jettie Monday

and few from Deviant Art.

Poker Face by *Leonie-Heartilly on deviantART

Zatanna Zatara, Revisted by ~velvetillusions on deviantART

Party time, tnellecxe! by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

Young Justice Zatanna by ~BlackRein on deviantART

FCD: ZATANNA AND PLASTIC MAN, THE HORROR by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

EVITAERC ELTIT! by ~strikes-twice on deviantART

I think I'll need to run some features on a few of these terrific cosplayers!  I admire their dedication to their hobby/obsessions. Cause I can totally relate.