Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Don't Want No Civil War....

But this one is pretty cool.

MWP has their next Marvel Heroic Roleplaying book out and it covers the big Marvel Civil War arc.

Now, I'll be honest I didn't care for the Civil War story.  But this book does look cool and it adds more heroes for your game.

The books come in two flavors.
The Essentials edition just covers the new material.
The Premium Edition includes the Essentials plus the material from the Basic Game.

I grabbed the Essentials.  But I'll pick through the Premium if it has material updated from the Basic game.

While I didn't care for the story in Civil War it did give us one of the best Cap and Spidey panels in existence.


WQRobb said...

I'm not a huge fan either, since it spawned a lot of Marvel's Bendis-driven plotlines, but a corpus of datafiles is always good, especially for figuring out how to create home-grown heroes.

JeffStormer said...

My problem with Civil War--that panel in particular, which I love--is that Cap then goes on to give up, because the Press (specifically, the lady who told him he was out of touch because he didn't know what MySpace was, and told him he didn't know who won the World Series--despite Cap's love of baseball being established since the '60s) and the Mob told him he was wrong.

That said, I'm excited about seeing the event book!

WQRobb said...

Here's what he should have said, courtesy of MightyGodKing