Friday, June 8, 2012

This blog has a point but...

But the trouble is WotC/Hasbro can't not publish a new edition.
The number of old core books that they can sell has an upper limit.  Afterall you can still get copies of most editions on ebay or your FLGS.  Some stores still have overstock of 3.x in fact.

It's a nice idea.  But I can't see it working.

I would like to see some POD myself, there are lots of things I'd like to buy, but the demand just isn't there to make it work really.

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Cross Planes said...

Yeah, unfortunately there seems to be a huge blindspot to the fact that Hasbro needs WotC to make money with D&D or they will shelve it. What's the point of licensing the brand out? How does that help their bottom line? And wether we like it or want to talk about it, Hasbro/WotC has proven that a new edition makes money. Even if its only for a year. Those sales wouldn't have been there without the new edition. Its the same economics that made DC reboot their line and Marvel print so many #1's. Even if it is only a 20% increase over last year (and DC's reboot was hugely successful financially and still is), its 20% more than they would made otherwise. Welcome to niche publishing.