Friday, June 29, 2012

Tomorrow it Begins!

Tomorrow I start my* new D&D group.  

So far where is what we know.

  • We are playing D&D 4th Edition with the plan of going from 1st to 30th level
  • I will have *7* players aged 8 to 12 1/2
  • We are playing in the Forgotten Realms as it is in the 4th Ed books.
  • We are going to do the H-P-E Modules starting with "The Keep On the Shadowfell"

Two of the kids are mine. Three are the sons of my friend Greg and two are friends of my oldest son.  The two new kids have never played anything before.

Greg's kids have played a lot of games, mine have played a variety of D&D games, most notably our 3.x Dragon Slayers game.

We are going with the Orcus wants to become the God of Death plot line.  The differences will be that it's Kelemvor that has died due to the Spellplauge and the Raven Queen is only a Godling, her power untapped. This makes her a more likely target to Orcus than the mature Raven Queen.  I'll admit there are some things from Amber Benson's "Death's Daughter" that I want to try out too.   I am still doing many of the ideas from this post back in 2010, except these characters are not the descendants of the 3.x characters and I am going to smash a world into this one.  

Honestly I think it is going to be great.  4e has it's detractors, but we still had fun with it.  Plus my son plays in a Castles & Crusades game with 3 of the other kids listed above and my two boys are still finishing up their 3.x game where I used all the old 1st Ed modules.  We get to do all sorts of schools here.

(*really my son's)


Eldrad Wolfsbane said...

Like all editions 4th has it's good and bad points. You will notice around 7th level you begin to have battles drag on for hours and around 10th to 15th level they last even longer. IF you can get the entire party to completely KNOW the rules it will go faster.

WQRobb said...
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WQRobb said...

Sorry, important typo in my first comment. My general rule of thumb for my 4E campaign was one encounter equals one hour of play for a typical party size. Now that we are 12th level it seems to go even more slowly. Just to give you a sense of time budget.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Yeah combats take a bit. But I have read up on some tricks to speed things up.

I am looking forward to a long campaign.

Rhonin84 said...

Tricks to make 4e combats this is a magic trick!