Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amazing Adventures

As you know I have recently been turned on to the fantastic Castles & Crusades game by my son.
It is really cool and it really does feel like 1st Ed AD&D.

But does it feel like Gangbusters?

Well my friend Jason Vey aims to find out with his new game out from Troll Lords called Amazing Adventures.

Here is the sales blurb:
Amazing Adventures
Siege Engine Game for the Pulp Era
Product Type/Format & Price: Softcover; 176 pages; $24.99
Written By: Jason Vey
Ordering Info: TLG 7601, ISBN: 978-1-936822-02-7

"Pulp: Hard-boiled detectives, fedora-wearing action heroes, and steampunk gadgeteers rocketing to battle with their jet packs against bloodthirsty Thule cultists of the Third Reich." 

That's when all Hell broke loose. The back window shattered, there was a distinct "ZING!" sound, and the front window followed suit. Kate let out a yelp and jerked the wheel, sending us into a fishtail. I grabbed the door frame and held on for dear life while drawing my Colt 1911. I looked over my shoulder, and sure enough there was that pink Model T. I couldn't see if Frenchie was behind the wheel; too much sun glare off the windows. But two goons leaned out. At first I assumed they just had pistols. I leaned out the window to draw a bead, and that's when the one goon opened up with a bloody fire-spewing hand-cannon.

I ducked back into the car. "Great," I muttered. "Just my luck. The SOB's got a Tommy Gun."

Kate snorted. "Look at the bright side. He can't aim very well on full auto."

"That's a bright side?"

Another long burst of fire went wild into the air. Tires squealed as cars bootlegged around us, and the screams of bystanders rang out.

Kate jerked the wheel left, down a narrow alley, just as I pulled up to lean out again. I nearly toppled head-first out the window into a wall. My fedora flew off my head.
This was definitely turning into a bad day.

"Geez, Doll, watch it!" I said, and squeezed off a couple shots as the goon with the Thompson tried to reload. He ducked back into the car while his buddy returned fire.

Welcome to two-fisted adventure with the SIEGE engine!

Amazing Adventures, the newest core game powered by Troll Lord Games' celebrated SIEGE engine, allows you to create any type of pulp adventure hero you want, and customize them as you like! Be it arcane scholars, mentalists, tomb-raiding archaeologists, Asian martial arts masters, or gangsters and G-Men, this game has you covered. And best of all, if you're a fan of Castles & Crusades, you can pick this game up and get playing in a matter of minutes! Inside this book you'll find:
  • Eight brand new character classes: Arcanist, Gadgeteer, Gumshoe, Hooligan, Mentalist, Pugilist, Raider, and Socialite
  • Character customization options: Generic Class Abilities, Traits, Backgrounds, Fate Points, Pulp Costumes, Sanity rules, and more!
  • A streamlined presentation of the SIEGE engine, which uses a single Challenge Base
  • Rules for vehicular combat
  • Guidelines on how to run a pulp game
  • A complete Monster section with all kinds of pulp beasties from giant apes to Lovecraftian horrors
  • A complete starting adventure for 4-6 new pulp heroes
  • And tons more!
I think I am really going to enjoy this game.  It is in pre-order now (I happen to know for a fact the game is done) and there are some sweet pre-order incentives.

I also understand that it is 95% to 100% compatible with the C&C books you own right now.  So all those monster books I bought can now roam the streets of New York OR a pulp-inspired Greyhawk.  "The dame was from Urnst. My daddy always said never trust a dame from Urnst. But I don't have to trust her, just work for her." 

So please check it out and pre-order.

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The Grey Elf said...

Thanks, Tim! By all means, PRE-ORDER. I need pre-orders to ensure this thing gets out by Gen Con! The text is 100% done, as is editing. It should be with Pete for layout and art as we speak, so it's definitely NOT vaporware, but is out there and just about ready for prime time!