Monday, May 28, 2012

New Basic Class, The Vampire

Want to playtest something for free?

Well I want you all to have a look at my new class for Basic Era Games and their Retro Clones.

The Vampire Class
Art copyright 2012 by Jason Rainville

This is a class/race combo for the system that also had Elf, Dwarf and Halfling as a class.

From the document:
"Vampires are among the most powerful of the Undead.  But unlike other undead, the vampire can retain a bit of their own humanity. Thus a vampire can also become an adventuring class much like that of an elf or dwarf.  A vampire character still retains their original soul, trapped inside an undead body full of dark necromantic power.  Eventually even the most pure of heart will succumb to the darkness of undeath."

This is a complete class 1st to 14th level, with additional notes to 20th level for exceptional characters.
All the vampiric powers and weaknesses are detailed to allow your vampire character plenty of options to grow.

There are few things I am testing out here.  First, whether or not the word will get out about this without much fanfare.  To test Dropbox as a delivery method. Also to test my class creation algorithms.

If you can please drop me a note here (what the hell, let's call it an Open Playtest) and let me know what system you used this with and how it worked.  As my regular playtesters will attest, I don't mind it when things get broken, as long as I know why.

So. Let me know your thoughts in the replies below.

I am looking forward to seeing how this class works for everyone!

Click here to download the PDF: The Vampire Class