Friday, March 19, 2010

Hard Core Gamers

Notice: I am not taking down this post because I feel it is more important to leave it up, but also update everyone on what is happening now as of February 11, 2019. Please see this newer post first.

In case you have been living under a rock all week, the new video version of the hit blog Playing D&D with Porn Stars is out now.

Called "I Hit it With My Axe" it features, well, porn stars, playing D&D.   It's actually quite a good blog and features not only some interesting insights to the game and how people play but also commentary from the likes of Mandy Morbid, Satine Phoenix (below), Zak Sabbath (blogger & DM) and special guests like Sasha Grey and Justine Joli.

It certainly busts a few stereotypes. Like that all gamers are geeky guys hiding out in their basements and all porn stars are sex craved but empty headed.

Looking forward to more!


Timothy S. Brannan said...

Forgot to mention, music by The Sword. How awesome is that?

Anonymous said...

And somehow I am not impressed with the show. I do like some of Zak's blog, but I am not sure what the big deal is over the porn star aspect. Adult movie actors are people too and have hobbies, why not roleplaying?

If you want intense, one of my players had to dig mass graves in Bosnia and was in Iraq twice in active duty.

Now he is interesting, intense and spooky.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

For me at least I am a fan of the work they do in their "day job", seeing the rpg aspect is interesting.

And everything is better with good looking women in it.

Anonymous said...

After taking some time to consider it all, especially after the TARGA storm, I have posted my thoughts and concerns just below yours on the DNDWPS blog.