Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unfinished topics/projects

I have a 4Gig USB drive I carry around with me.  It is full of half finished projects that I really need to get done.

Here is what is on the far back burners:

Got this on New Year's and have not done anything with it since.  It looks great and I follow a bunch of BASH related blogs and newsgroups, but to date I have stated up one character.

Secret Sci-Fi Project
I am holding on to the name of this one.  But the idea struck me while clearing snow off of my drive for like the 12,000 time this winter.  I went from making it's own system (which I plan on using somewhere else now) to thinking I should just use the open Traveller stuff.  Seems fitting to me anyway since Traveller was my first Sci-Fi RPG.

Black Rose
A Blue Rose / Ravenloft crossover.  Ravenloft I think works much better under the True 20 system than the d20 one for a variety of reasons.  Blue Rose is an under-appreciated game that I think shares a lot in common with the feel of Ravenloft.   Together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

These are closer to the front:

Dinosauria! for Ghosts of Albion
An Intro adventure for Ghosts of Albion that I'll be running at Gen Con.  Need to get Act 2 finished.

Obsession for Ghosts of Albion
A more experienced adventure for Ghosts of Albion.  Done, just need to go back and tweak a section or two.

Eriú - Celtic Role Playing
Started out as Unisystem, then True 20, now using Spellcraft and Swordplay, which I think is the best fit for it.  Adventure not just in the Celtic age, but Ireland in particular.

And on the front burners:

Eldritch Witchery
Witch supplement for Spellcraft and Swordplay.

Vampire Queen
An adventure for Spellcraft and Swordplay.

OGL/Savage Worlds Project
Working on something for hire here.  Has not been mentioned yet so I don't want to do that here.

Plus some other projects I can't even talk about yet.

Various Blog Posts:
I'd like to post a "follow-up" to some of the comments I have gotten over the last few weeks.  You took the time to respond so I feel I should take the time to answer questions and the like.

I still have stats I want to do for teenage Zantanna, the girls from Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series and even delve into some of my favorite Hammer films.

I guess what I need to do is prioritize these and then just get them all done.


BlUsKrEEm said...

Black Rose is an amazing idea. I would never have thought of the mash-up myself, but the more I think about it the more I like the idea.

I'm a bit of a nut for anything fae related, so when I saw the add for Eriú in my S&S box set I was positively giddy. I do hope Eriú materializes someday. The add inspired me to run a heavily modified Changeling the Lost game using S&S as the core rules a few months ago, and it went swimmingly.

Rhonin84 said...


Having been the co-pilot on some of these I had to chuckle!

BASH is being held in stasis for me as well, I am waiting for ICONS to come out and I want to compare those two.

Sci-fi huh? You are holding out on me Mr.! Can't wait for our next Thai run to talk about that one!!

BlackRose...that one will come around but probably much later in our lives. ;)

Ghosts stuff...well I'll hold comments for now, we have more pressing things to iron out.

The Celtic game and Vampire Queen I AM very interested in...really more the VQ but would love to see what your cooking for the Celts in the audience.

Savage Worlds....hmmm....I'll lay back on that one as well.

Been working on cleaning up more stuff for the KC (Kids Campaign) spoke with the two "uncles" and they are on board for any assists that we need down the road.

Need to update my blog as well now...sheesh!

Alex Osias said...

Black rose is a frickin' awesome idea!

Matt said...

Hello Tim,

I would love to see the notes on Black Rose. How come I never thought of that, even though I have Blue Rose and played in Ravenloft many years ago.

Bravo! That's another vote for Black Rose!

Matt said...

P.S. Thanks for following my blog, Asshat Paladins!