Tuesday, October 11, 2022

October Horror Movie Challenge: Dark Spell (2021)

Dark Spell (2021)
Tonight a Russian horror film/cautionary tale.

Evgenia (played by Yana Yenzhayeva) is in a loveless relationship with her partner Kira (Konstantin Beloshapka). Well, she loves him, but he doesn't love her the same way.

She goes to see a mystic who gives her a spell to make him fall in love with her. But love cannot be created so during her friends wedding she "steals" their love (causing the wedding to end) and bring Kira back to her. 

It works too well. Suddent Kira is obsessed with her, he can only focus on her and jealous of anyone, including their baby, that comes between them.

Even when Kira is killed he keeps coming back.

Ok, this one is was fun and the horror is obviously in the obsession part and with Zombie/Revenant Kira still pursuing Evgenia.

My version on Tubi was dubbed, I guess there is a subtitled version as well with slight name changes. It was hard for me to judge the acting. Konstantin Beloshapka playedboth self-obessed and later Evgenia-obessed Kira well. I could not tell if Yana Yenzhayeva's acting was wooden or it was the dubbing. I am going with the dubbing. Later on when the true meaning of what she had done hits her she at least emotes well even if her English can't keep up.

For various reasons I have wanted to check out more Russian horror movies. This one was beautifully shot and the effects are not bad. So this has encouraged me to find some more.

October Horror Movie Challenge 2022
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October Horror Movie Challenge 2022

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