Saturday, October 22, 2022

Monster Manual Minis, Set A-C

I am on record on how much of an effect the first AD&D Monster Manual had on me.  I can recall playing AD&D and wishing I had (or could even afford) minis just like what was in the Monster Manual.

Well. Now I can.

Monster Manual Minis

This is the first set of minis for D&D (and of course AD&D) based on the art from the original Monster Manual. I have to say I am loving them.





Bulette and Carrion Crawler

Chimera, Cockatrices, and Coutal

Cockatrice and Coutal

Obviously not every monster A to C, but it has the stars. I always wanted a Carrion Crawler mini, not sure why, I think they were cool to me back then (still are!).  I have a few now, but this one is the best.

I am thinking that the next set will just be "D" to be honest. Dragons, Demons, Devils. All are perfect for this. 

Monster Manual Minis

Monster Manual Minis

Monster Manual Minis

Monster Manual Minis

 Can't wait for the others!


Knuteski said...

My guess is D-F.

2 Dragons (Red and Green)
1 Displacer Beast
0 Demons/Devils (If these are done, they'll be the named Demons/Devils.
2 Elementals (Water and Fire)
1 Ettin
0 Letter F monsters

Although, probably just 1 (red) dragon since most of these are large+ monsters.

Knuteski said...

Edit that...instead of 2 dragons, definitely just 1 dragon and then add in a violet Fungi.

Of course, everyone's gotta go out and buy this set so they keep making them.

doccarnby said...

These are ace, I'm not a mini person really, but these tempt me.

vfults said...

The next set, in February, will be D-E-F. The minis are Displacer Beast, Doppleganger, Efreeti, Elementals (air, earth, fire, water), and Ettin. Link to pictures of the renders:

Tom O'Bedlam said...

I dunno.

Seems like in recent years they've done a LOT to personalize their dragons. The "Black Dragon" in the first edition MM doesn't look a thing like the "Black Dragon" you'll see in recent art or in the upcoming movie.

They might well just skip dragons and go towards more iconic critters that won't threaten their IP.