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October Horror Movie Challenge: Werewolf Night

Werewolf by Night (2022)
I always try to get in a few werewolf movies during my October Challenge. My wife, who hates horror movies, does enjoy werewolf movies. Since tonight is the full moon it's a good time to do it. So let's go!

Werewolf by Night (2022)

A special one to start with. A Marvel Studios adaptation of the Werewolf by Night comic. Marvel's horror comics were always my thing, but I never read much of this one. This was a one-shot featuring Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, and Elsa Bloodstone. The always fantastic Laura Donnelly stars as Elsa Bloodstone. She has been wonderful in everything I have seen her in, especially Outlander, so I am really hoping that we are going to more of her in this.

Mexican actor Gael García Bernal stars as Jack Russell. I have not seen him in anything before this but he was rather great.

The movie was shot in all black and white with only the Bloodstone in vibrant red. The feel is that of the Universal Monster movies. It would be great if the promise of the Monsterverse was fulfilled by the Marvel Monster comics, that is Horror of Dracula, Blade, and Werewolf by Night (along with Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider).

It was good and I now want more.

Wolves (2014)
Wolves (2014)

This one was promising on paper. New werewolf movie, featuring Jason Momoa as a badass werewolf alpha. Melanie Scrofano as the boozy comic relief. I mean that is enough for me. Turns out it is not really enough. Oh the story is not bad, but the acting is a bit sub-par from everyone else. I liked a lot about it really. The town, Lupine Ridge, as a sort of werewolf sanctuary, and even the characters, are kind of interesting.  It just did live up to my wants really.

Again, Momoa and Scrofano are great. Stephen McHattie also is good as the as older werewolf that tells new kid Lucas Till about his history.  I have seen Till in other things and he is generally good, better than he was in this. 

The version I saw was heavily edited, even the swearing was dubbed out. 

Among the Shadows (2019)

This one interestingly enough takes place in 2022, though they get the date of the full moon wrong.  

And that is not all. I was looking forward to the return of Lindsey Lohan, but the rest of this movie was pretty horrible. There are rival gangs of werewolves fighting for control of the "United States of Europe." These seem to be hereditary sorts of werewolves.  

I could give you all a run down of the plot, but really, this one is rather terrible.

Among the Shadows

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October Horror Movie Challenge 2022


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