Tuesday, July 5, 2022

It's July!

I can't believe it is July already.  I don't have an overall theme for this month except to get to some games I have wanted to try out.  Not sure if those will be reviews, play reports, or characters.  Maybe a little bit of all the above.

Other updates.

Posting might be light here for a bit. My oldest sister Terrie passed away due to an aggressive glioblastoma. She had already lived longer than the doctors had given her.  I am ok (ish) but I feel bad for her kids and her husband tom.  I also feel sad for my dad and my oldest brother Pat. My older brother Mike died about 10 years ago. He, Terrie, and Pat were all closer in age and very close. Now there is just Pat.  Not sure when the service will be.

top: Mike, Terrie, Pat, Joey, middle: me, Dad, Lori, bottom: Brian, Daniel, Jessica
Brannans Christmas 1979.
Sadly everyone in the top row except for my oldest brother Pat (beard, glasses) are now gone.

I have some projects I really must get done.  My creativity has been in a serious lull and I need to figure out how to get those ideas flowing again.

I have a thing coming up for Halloween I am excited about. I have picked out a lot of "good" horror movies for my October Horror Movie marathon.  I will also participate in Dave Chapman's #RPGaDay for 2022.

Let's see where the month takes us.


Tim Knight said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Condolences to your family at this difficult time. I realise our "silly elf games" are a great escape, but at times like this family and health matters must always take priority.

JB said...

Condolences, Tim.

John Holton said...

Sorry about your sister...

Pun Isaac said...

Really sorry for your loss, my friend.