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100 Days of Halloween: The Charmbrewer Witch Archetype (2013)

Class Expansions: The Charmbrewer Witch Archetype
I have mentioned my love of the Pathfinder system, both the 1st and 2nd editions, and their witch classes. I am obviously not the only one, as there is a lot of great Pathfinder-compatible material for witches. 

As always I will be following my rules for these reviews.

Class Expansions: The Charmbrewer Witch Archetype

This PDF is 5 pages; 1 for the cover and 1 for the OGL. $1.25.

This is a class archetype. This one mixes the witch with a bit of the alchemist. She exchanges some of her hex ability for a connection to a cauldron.  

With this cauldron, she can brew potions and elixirs. She gets two new hexes and 21 elixirs they can brew. These elixirs take the place of hexes and the witch can gain them at various levels.

The concept of a witch using a cauldron is a powerful one and this one is well executed.  

I rather like it to be honest. The price is rather nice as well.

The Other Side - 100 Days of Halloween

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