Friday, July 8, 2022

Follow Friday: Wobblies & Wizards

Wobblies & Wizards
I like Podcasts. I can't keep up with all of them out there, but I do enjoy them and you get a different feel from them than you get from say a blog post.

Here is one of my new favorites.

Wobblies & Wizards

Run by Shane Thayer aka Logar the Barbarian. It is an old-school, new-school, and all-around cool geek-based podcast.

If anything he leans more into old-school and the OSR scene, but that is a matter of these are the game he enjoys. You certainly get the vibe here that all games are welcome AND all gamers are welcome.

I was on (should be up soon) and we spent time talking about The Misfits and Black Flag. He has some great OSE content, Satanic Panic, and talks a lot about world-building.

Really worth checking out. Give him a listen and follow him on social media.

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doccarnby said...

I'm not much of a podcast person, but it sounds interesting, especially OSE stuff. I just picked up OSE Advanced Fantasy because of your review (real recently, books haven't come in but I've been going over the PDFs).