Friday, October 1, 2021

October is Horror Month

RPG Blog Carnival
Hello and WELCOME to The Other Side.  October is a big deal around here.  I spend the month talking about horror.  Both in terms of horror RPGs, horror movies, and anything else that strikes my interest.

This month I am honored to be hosting my first ever RPG Blog Carnival.  Of course, I am going to be talking about horror and all the great things you can do in your RPGs.

All this month I am going to be talking about adding horror elements to your games. Whether you play D&D or Kult or Bunnies & Burrows, any game can have elements of horror to them.  I hope to give you the means to add these AND also provide you a place to discuss your own horror elements.

How to Participate

Simple. Write a blog post, vlog, social media post, tweet, or what have you.  The topic can be about horror, about adding horror elements to a game, or even as simple as what you are going to do for a Halloween game.  Have a scary RPG-related story? Post it and post the link below!

I do have Comment Moderation turned on to help keep the spam out, so if you don't see your post just give me a bit and it will show up.

Come back here all month long to see what others are posting and linking here.

Come back to my blog all month long to see what I am posting as well!

Here's the Spookiest month of the year and my favorite time of the year.


Jack Tremain said...

A very interesting initiative! I cannot promise anything but maybe I will do something. Probably focused on the "plane overlap" that this year entails, with this side and the other entering in conjunction

Gonz said...

This is a horrific coincidence (pun intended)! I'll be running a series of articles on Fridays talking about Innistrad and creating some dread domains for D&D inspired by that setting.

Only 30 days to Halloween!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Steve Miller (of Ravenloft fame) at NUELOW Games revisits an old favorite of mine.

What happens if you say 'Bloody Mary' three times?

Tony Bro001 said...

Hi Tim,

My humble contribution is a piece of gamesmastery for newer GMs. In my experience it's too easy to get seduced by creating a horrific backdrop and forgetting that a great horror experience is made from multiple ingredients.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@Tony Bro001, Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

Skerples said...

Well huh. Didn't know this was going on, but by sheer coincidence I just put out a post on Old Dark House films:

JB said...

Throw some chaos, demons, witch-hunting, and mutants into your B/X game!

: )

JB said...

Spice up your B/X campaign with encroaching chaos, demonic possession, dark sorcery, and cannibal mutants:

: )

Telecanter said...

Because You Saw a Ghost:

Doctor Necrotic said...

My favorite time of year! I have more than one offering in store, but first have a crossover of Spelljammer and Ravenloft!
The Cluster Sphere: Spelljammer in the Mists -

Doctor Necrotic said...

Once again, dive into the horror of the Demiplane of Dread! More is on the way. In the meantime, look into the darkest corners that Ravenloft has to offer. This one slides a little more mature. -

Timothy S. Brannan said...