Sunday, October 31, 2021

October Horror Movie Challenge: Halloween-eve Marathon

Hit a bunch of movies all day. One repeat, a couple are new, and couple are not very good.

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981)

Also known as Night Warning is a fairly terrible movie I always remembered from the salacious cover. Baby Billy is left with his aunt while his parents drive out to start their new lives and jobs with plans to get Billy in a little bit.  Good thing because their breaks give out and they are killed. 

Move forward 15 years later and Billy is not a high school senior with a girlfriend and still living with his aunt.  I could go on, but the movie is like I said terrible. Aunt wants to bang Billy. So bad that she is killing everyone to keep him with her.

Man Beast (1956)

This was on Midnight Pulp while I was looking for something else.  Bigfoot-like creature in the Himalayas.  I watched it to double-check to see if I still dislike horror from the 1950s.   Yeah. Still do.  I nearly fell asleep.

Wicked Lake (2008)

Rewatched this one with the DVD commentary.  The cast had a blast doing this one.  Was sorting through all my horror DVDs to see which ones I can unload at Half-Price books.  It's still fun. It starts out looking like an "I Spit on Your Grave" rip off but at midnight the women turn the tables and kill everyone.  They are all witches and have powers.

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981)Man Beast (1956)Wicked Lake (2008)

2021 October Horror Movie Challenge

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Dick McGee said...

Fifties "horror" is mostly awful and undeserving of the name, and Man Beast is one of the worst examples I've run into. A lot of what got called horror is more properly just a monster movie, which really isn't the same thing in my book. Putting a guy in a rubber suit does not make your film a horror movie. Some do kind of straddle the line - both Hammer's Dracula and the Mummy with Lee & Cushing, for ex.

There are a few prizes in the mix, though. House of Wax is great owing to Vincent Price, as was House on Haunted Hill, and I still have a soft spot for the Tingler. Bucket of Blood is a delightfully lousy example of Corman horror. Black Cat Mansion (from Japan, so not as well known over here) is a fascinating if somewhat difficult watch.

Most of it though...just dull, inept, cheap, or all of the above.