Thursday, October 8, 2020

DMSGuild Witch Project: The Witch from Warlock Homebrew

The first full week of October I thought I'll keep the theme of full 20 level witch classes.

Again, a reminder of the rules and let's see what we have today.

The Witch, a character class of natural arcana and the old ways of magic

From the aptly named Warlock Homebrew.

This PDF was 17 pages when I first downloaded it.  It grew to 29 sometime between then and now.  The PDF is full color and sells for $5.00 suggested PWYW.  

The cover is fantastic and the artist, Diana Nock, is credited.  So far this is very good. 

The table of contents is hyperlinked. It looks like some great content inside too. Witches are called the "Acolytes of the First Magic" next to the art of their iconic witch Nathilda Pickingill and her familiar Malefelies.  She wears a proper witches hat, carries a proper witches broom (with a dream catcher no less), and her hooded cloak is clasped shut with a triple goddess symbol.  

At this point, I feel like I am being flirted with.

There is a full 20 level Witch progression table. A note about Gender. Even the 20th level power is "Grand Old Wytch." I guess "Grand Olde Wytch" was a step too far.  This witch is an "Intelligence" caster. 

There are rules for Ritual Casting in line with D&D 5's ritual casting. Rules on familiars (with great art) INCLUDING backgrounds for familiars! How great is that?

If Pathfinder witches get Hexes then these witches get Jinxes.  Ok, I like that.   Magical powers for potions and brooms.

Sub-classes are known as Covens (perfect) and there are Covens of the Dark Moon, Full Moon, Half Moon, Crescent Moon, and.  There is even a Coven of the Eclipse and a Coven of the Lost Moon.  There is even a sidebar about what to do if your moons on your world are different. Ok, now I feel positively flirted with and I am beginning to blush. 

There is a very extensive list of Witch Spells from various sources and 12 new spells.  There is even guidance on which of these new spells can be used by other classes.

All in all, this is one of the best Witch Class books I have seen on DMSGuild so far.  A significant cut above the rest. I would happily play one of these witches.

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The_Myth said...

FYI, the creator is WalrockHomebrew.

The L and R are reversed.

I note it because the creator has contact info which makes the correct spelling important.