Tuesday, October 6, 2020

DMSGuild Witch Project: Hex Witch - 5E Player Class

Another full class today.  This one has been selling well so let's see what is inside.

Again, here are my rules and guidelines for these reviews. 

Hex Witch - 5E Player Class

This is a 9 page PDF (1 cover, 1 title page, 7 pages of content) and sells for $2.95 straight. So well above the 10 cents per page guide at 42 cents per page. This presents a full witch base class and three subclasses, known as "Wiccan Pathways." Now for myself, I try to avoid using the term "Wicca" in games since it is a recognized religion.  Even in the stuff I wrote for the WitchCraft RPG we used "Wicce."

The paths are the Augury Witch (seer), the Fey Witch (combat spellcasting), and the Wyld Witch (healer). So some nice variety. 

This witch also gets Hex powers that a little like the Hexes the Pathfinder witch gets or the Occult powers I give my witches. 

This witch uses Charisma as their main spell-casting ability. 

Some powers sound good, but are not 100% clear on what they really do or how they work. Living Objects for example is described as inanimate objects coming to life. But are they still made from the material they were or are they flesh and blood?  Will Dispel Magic turn them back?

This one also properly credits the artists which is good.

I like it, but it left me wanting something more in the end. 

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