Friday, September 30, 2016

Kickstart Your SCARY Weekend!

Here we are folks.  Another Kickstart Your weekend, start of Halloween edition.

First up is a beautiful Swedish RPG, Trudvang Chronicles, in it's last few hours.

It looks fantastic really.

Also tonight at Midnight the October Horror Movie Challenge is set to begin.

+Justin Isaac over at Halls of the Nephilim will be joining me in this.

+Mark Craddock of Crossplanes.  He will be doing his "31 Nights of Halloween" again.
Go to his blog every day next month (starting tomorrow!) for 31 Horrific Adversaries for your games.
Last year was a blast and I expect the same this year.

You all ready to start?


Tim Knight said...

Once again I totally forgot about the October challenge until today. So for another year I'll have to enjoy it vicariously through your posts (and the others listed) and kick myself for being so forgetful!

Pun Isaac said...

I have a friend really interested in Trudvang Chronicles. It looks cool, but I don't know that I need another fantasy system, despite how beautiful it is.

I'm really looking forward to the challenge. I have a list of movies I'm pulling from. They are mostly new to me Netflix and Amazon Prime flicks, with a few old favorites mixed in.

I'm excited to read Mark's posts this year.

Christopher B said...

The October Horror Movie Challenge is a great idea - I've meant to try it in the past.

I can't even think about it, now, though. I've got three pieces of horror fiction I'm working on - one of which absolutely must be completed in the next few months - so I have to force myself to work on at least one of them every night.

No lounging on the couch for me!

So, instead of the Horror Movie Challenge, I'm going to do a Horror Fiction Challenge: each night in October, I'm going to commit 3,000 new words to one of the pieces on which I'm currently working. That should not only take a big bite out of getting these completed, but - hopefully - get me on a fixed writing routine.

Thanks for the inspiration, Tim!

Jonathan Linneman said...

I'm definitely looking forward to following y'all this month. Maybe next year I can even take part. I could use more horror movies in my life.

Pun Isaac said...

We all could.