Friday, September 9, 2016

Book Sizes

Kind of a late post today.

I was Lulu looking to fill some of the gaps in my OSR/Old-School collection and noticed  a pretty even split between the 6"x9" (or OD&D) and 8.5"x11" (Basic & Advanced) form factors.

In general which size of books do you all prefer?


Jonathan Linneman said...

I'll dodge the intent of the question by saying that I think my favorite is crown quarto, which is around 7.5"x10". I only have one book in this size (Simon Washbourne's Go Fer Yer Gun), but the dimensions make for great browsing and handy transport. If I ever publish an RPG book of my own, it'll almost certainly be my size of choice.

grodog said...

For gaming books, I generally prefer the larger format pages of 8.5x11.


Dr. Obscure said...

It depends on whether they are heavily illustrated or not.

Unknown said...

I like the 6 x 9 format as long as the font size is big enough to see.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

cool! thanks so much!