Monday, July 11, 2016

ENnies 2016 - Vote for The Other Side

Voting is now open for the ENnies Award and I am up again for Best Blog.

Is this just a popularity contest? Sure. But so are the Oscars, the Presidental Election, and Miss America.  Since I am not up for any of those, I'll focus my efforts here.
But in truth it is also an honor to be nominated. My peers think that my work here is good.
Voting for me also sends that message. It means something to me. It means you like what I do.

So if you can, please give me a vote. It is really appreciated by me.

Click the link, choose “1” from the drop-down menu under my blog’s name and click Vote.

Since I live in Chicago, vote early and vote often! ;)

I will have some of my own picks later this week.


Mystic Scholar said...

Since comments I made elsewhere don't appear here, I'll repeat it; You got my vote.

Dr. Theda said...

We voted a 1 for you good Sir...